Company Profile

Company Profile

Hycult Biotech is a ISO-13485 certified manufacturer of research reagents in the field of innate immunity since 1994. We have an extensive knowledge in the development and production of assays, antibodies and proteins. Our products are co-developed with leading scientists over the world. These close collaborations lead to reliable and reproducible research tools that enable better disease understanding and monitoring.


Hycult Biotech is private company operating from its headquarters in Uden, The Netherlands. At this location products are developed, manufactured and stored. Our products are made available through the Dutch headquarters, our sales office in Wayne (PA) USA and distributors present in more than 50 countries.

Contract manufacturing

We are an experienced partner when it comes to expanding your manufacturing capabilities or outsourcing specialized handling procedures. Our clean room facilities enable us to produce under GMP conditions and offer services such as microplate coating, lyophilization, antibody production and upscaling.

Scientific program and collaborations

We have a scientific drive to participate in research projects and are a connection between science and industry. Hycult Biotech is a suitable SME-partner for your research project. We actively participate in international consortia and scientific grants. With our experience we can make a contribution that adds value to your project.


As manufacturer and clone license owner we can guarantee long term delivery of OEM products with firm quality and good batch-to-batch consistency. We have solid agreements on IP and cell lines and extensive knowledge, as we use these same products for our in-house development and production of assays. Our aim is to grow together, making you more successful in your business.

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