Short summary of Savaris, R et al; Maternal plasma levels of complement Factor H in miscarriage and in normal pregnancy: A cohort study. J Reprod Immunol. 2016. Article can be downloaded here.


Complement plays a pivotal role in pregnancy to defend the mother and fetus from invaders. Studies also suggest that prevalence of hypocomplementemia is higher in women with recurrent pregnancy loss. Interestingly, mean levels of complement factor H (CFH) seem to increase as pregnancy progresses. However, the role of CFH in miscarriages has never been established clearly.


This study was set up to define “normal levels” of CFH in early pregnancy and to investigate whether there is an association between CFH and miscarriage. A total of 150 pregnant women were enrolled in the study and tested for CFH (Cat. # HK342) versus non-pregnant women as a control group. Results of the data that were generated concluded that CFH levels were not significantly different among groups. Also no relation between gestational age and CFH levels could be correlated. As a conclusion: CFH levels in plasma appear to be constant, either in pregnant or non-pregnant women.