Summary of Treskes, N. et al; Diagnostic accuracy of novel serological biomarkers to detect acute mesenteric ischemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Internal and Emergency Medicine 12:6, 2017. Click here for the full article.

Acute mesenteric ischemia (AMI) is a rare but devastating medical condition with high mortality rates. Laparotomy remains the golden standard for diagnosis of AMI, but it is often unhelpful or too late. This meta-analysis aims to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of novel serological biomarkers, including I-FABP. Thirteen studies containing 1,435 patients were examined in which I-FABP was used as a biomarker. The pooled sensitivity and specificity are 79.0% and 91.3% respectively.

These findings suggest that interval postoperative I-FABP measurement may be useful. However, the true incidence of clinically relevant AMI in patients presenting to the emergency department with acute abdominal pain is unknown