Short Summary of Prats-Puig, A et al; α-Defensins and bacterial/permeability-increasing protein as new markers of childhood obesity. Ped Obesity 2016

Associations of circulating α-defensins and bacterial/permeability increasing protein with metabolic and vascular parameters have been previously described in adults. In our cross-sectional study, we have found that α-defensins are related to a poorer metabolic profile during childhood.

Findings indicate that α-defensins and bacterial/permeability-increasing protein are related to obesity parameters and cardiovascular risk markers in children. α-Defensins could be novel markers of BMI and abdominal fat deposition in children.


Correlation graphs of α-defensins at ~7 years with A) Body mass index (BMI) z-score and B) waist at follow-up in the children included in the longitudinal study.