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Oxidative stress is involved in many human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it is assumed to be important in ageing.




New: Competitive Nitrotyrosine Assay

Measurement of multiple NO-groups instead of one: a new assay with higher specificity! More information?

Click here or go the product directy: Cat # HIT501.




Coming Soon: CML and MGO Competitive Assays!

Two new competitive assays, suitable for almost all species and several sample types. More information? Sent an e-mail to support@hycultbiotech.com.


  • CML: The figure shows that the assay is species independent: samples of Horses, Goats, Pigs, Rabbits and Mice are tested and suitable!
  • MGO: The figures show that the sample types which at least can be used are urine, feces, EDTA plasma, Citrate plasma, Heparin plasma and serum.

 HIT503 MGO Competitive assay

HIT502 CML Competitive assay













News Items 

  • New Hycult Scope; Our scientific newsletter! Our products used in different research settings: information from scientists themselves. This issue focus is on chronic inflammation, from obesity to atherosclerosis, NEC and much more!

Hycult Scope

  • The role of cysteine in OxPAPC signaling

TLR4 signaling in endothelial cells may be triggered by both LPS and endogenous ligands, such as oxidized phospholipids (OxPAPC), leading to endothelial cell activation and a proinflammatory phenotype. Read more….

  • The role of TLR4 signaling  and OxPAPC in the pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis

There is strong evidence that both gene regulation and covalent binding of OxPAPC involve interactions with cysteine and that this interaction is primarily from PEIPC. Read more….


Highlighted Antibodies and Proteins        

Product Description Quantity Application Cat #
PAPC 5 mg   HC4043
Chlorotyrosine, pAb 100 µg F IA P HP5002
MGO-modified proteins, Human, mAb MGO-1 100 µg IA P W HM5014
CML, Human, mAb CML26 100 µg F IA IF P W HM5013
BPDE, mAb 8E11 100 µg IA HM5008
BPDE-DNA, mAb 5D11 100 µg FC IA IF IP P HM5007
Ethenoadenosine, mAb 1G4 100 µg FC F IA IP W HM5005
Phosphotyrosine, mAb P9V6 100 µg IA W HM5003
Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11, biotinylated 50 µg F IA P W HM5002
Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11, immuno assay antibody 0.5 mg F IA P W HM5001-IA
Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11 100 µg F IA P W HM5001
Oxidized PAPC 5 mg   HC4036
Oxidized PAPC 1 mg   HC4035


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