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AIF-1, Human, mAb 1022-5


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Monoclonal antibody 1022-5 reacts with Allograft-inflammatory factor-1 (AIF-1) polypeptide, also known as Ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule 1, Iba-1. AIF-1 is a 17 kDa IFN-gamma inducible Ca2+-binding EF-hand protein, associated with chronic inflammatory processes. AIF-1 is constitutively expressed in lymphatic tissue and is up-regulated in monocytes/macrophages under various pathological conditions such as chronic rejection of allografts and in autoimmune lesions. In the brain, a subset of microglial cells constitutively express AIF-1. Increased numbers of AIF-1 immunoreactive macrophage/microglial cells were observed in focal brain infarctions, traumatic brain injury, gliomas, uveitis and in inflammatory lesions of a rat model of autoimmune disease, autoimmune encephalomyelitis and neuritis. Several Ca2+-binding peptides have been associated with monocyte activation, in particular members of the S-100 supergene-family. AIF-1 is a Ca2+-binding peptide which is not a member of the S-100 gene cluster but is located within the HLA class III genomic region. The monoclonal antibody 1022-5 is cross reactive with rat Allograft-inflammatory factor-1 (rat AIF-1). Human and rat amino acids sequences are 98% homologous.

Immuno assays, Paraffin sections, Western blot

For immunohistology and Western blotting dilutions to be used depend on detection system applied. It is recommended that users test the reagent and determine their own optimal dilutions. The typical starting working dilution is 1:50. For immunohistology on paraffin sections, a combination of microwave and sodium citrate solution is recommended for antigen retrieval.

Product type
Monoclonal antibodies
20 µg, 100 µg
0.2 ml (100 µg/ml) 0.2 µm filtered antibody solution in PBS, containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin and 0.02% sodium azide.
Mouse IgG2b
Cross reactivity
Rat – Yes
Ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule 1, Iba-1
Storage and stability
Product should be stored at 4 °C. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for one year.
For research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and federal rules in the use of this product. Hycult Biotech is not responsible for any patent infringements that might result from the use or derivation of this product.
Cardiology and metabolism

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