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A-FABP, Mouse, Recombinant


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Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein (A-FABP), also known as FABP4, aP2 and ALBP, is a 15 kDa protein and is one of the most abundant proteins in mature adipocytes. Human and mouse A-FABP share 91% amino acid sequence homology. Several adipokines from adipose tissues have been identified. The y mediate the cross talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system. This interaction between adipose tissue, macrophages and several inflammatory cells leads to expression of, besides A-FABP, among others TNF-α, IL-6, MCP-1, leptin, lipocalin-2 and Pai-1. A-FABP is expressed in macrophages and lymphocytes. A-FABP plays a role in the intracellular utilization of fatty acids, transport and metabolism. The putative function of A-FABP is to serve as a lipid-binding chaperone for fatty acids. The protein was identified as a cytoplasmic protein, but is also described to be secreted by adipose tissue in the bloodstream. A-FABP have closely been associated with metabolic syndrome, obesity and atherosclerosis. It is considered as a therapeutic target for these processes in animal models. Several groups have demonstrated an association between serum levels of A-FABP and obesity-related cardiometabolic risk factors, endothelial dysfunction and macrovascular complications of diabetes. The proatherogenic activity of A-FABP is mediated by its direct actions on macrophages, independently of lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity. In line with clinical findings, data from animal studies also supports a role of A-FABP in cardiovascular disease. HC1104 recombinant protein has been isolated from bacteria using affinity purification.

Application Notes
Purity >95%

For dilutions use protein stabilized phosphate buffer saline, pH 7.4

Product type
50 µg
Adipocyte-FABP, ALFBP, A-FABP, FABP4, aP2
Recombinant protein derived from E.coli containing at least 50 μg mouse A-FABP. The exact amount is indicated on the label. Reconstitute the vial by pipetting 0.5 ml distilled or de-ionised water (Caution: vial is under vacuum).
Storage and stability
Lyophilized product should be stored at 4°C. Store stock solution in aliquots at –20°C. Repeated freeze and thaw cycles will cause loss of activity. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for at least one year. The exact expiry date is indicated on the label.
For research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and federal rules in the use of this product. Hycult Biotech is not responsible for any patent infringements that might result from the use or derivation of this product.
Cardiology and metabolism
CoA-TDS Protein
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