IL-10, Human, pAb

Catalog #: HP9016
Quantity: 100 µg

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The antibody reacts with human Interleukin-10 (IL-10) of both natural and recombinant origin. IL-10 is a pluripotent cytokine with important immunosuppressive actions: it can inhibit cytokines involved in the Th1 response such as IL-2, Interferon gamma and also inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1, IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-alpha. The antibody inhibits the biological activity of natural and recombinant human IL-10. The antigen specificity was further assessed by ELISA. No cross reactivities with other cytokines have been detected.


Catalog number HP9016
Product type Polyclonal antibodies
Quantity 100 µg
Formulation 1 ml (100 µg/ml) 0.2 µm filtered antibody solution in PBS, containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin.
Isotype Rabbit Ig
Species Human
Storage and stability Product should be stored at 4 °C. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for one year.
Precautions For research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and Federal rules in the use of this product. Hycult Biotech is not responsible for any patent infringements that might result with the use of or derivation of this product.
Disease Gastroenterology, Infectious diseases
  • Application:
    F, FS, IA, IF, P, W
  • Use:
    For cell staining dilutions to be used depend on detection system applied. It is recommended that users test the reagent and determine their own optimal dilutions. The typical starting working dilution is 1:10. For neutralization of biological activity in vitro dilutions have to be made according to the amount of IL-10 to be inactivated. Before use in biological assays, the product must be filter sterilized and depending on the concentration to be used dialyzed against culture medium to remove the sodium azide added. Please inquire for availability of azide free solutions