Histone H3, Human, mAb 1G1

Catalog #: HM2344
Quantity: 100 µg

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The Histone H3 human monoclonal antibody, clone 1G1, recognizes human Histone H3. This protein is one of the five main histone proteins involved in the structure of chromatin in eukaryotic cells. Histones are basic nuclear proteins that are responsible for the nucleosome structure of the chromosomal fiber in eukaryotes. Histone variants have emerged as important contributors to the regulation of chromatin structure and therefore of almost all DNA-based processes. Hence, these specialized proteins play important roles in transcriptional regulation, cell cycle progression, DNA repair, chromatin stability, chromosome segregation and apoptosis. Due to their evident biological significance, it is not surprising that mutations or the deregulation of their expression levels can have severe implications for cellular functions that ultimately might contribute to or even drive disease development, most notably cancer. Besides the histones themselves, their respective chaperone/remodeling complexes needed for precise variant chromatin deposition, are consequently frequent targets in neoplasms and diverse diseases.


Catalog number HM2344
Product type Monoclonal antibodies
Quantity 100 µg
Formulation 0.1 ml (1 mg/ml) 0.2 μm filtered antibody solution in PBS, containing 50% glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide.
Immunogen Recombinant Histone H3
Isotype Mouse IgG1
Species Human
Cross reactivity Mouse - Yes, Rat - Yes
Alias HIST1H3A; H3FA; HIST1H3B; H3FL; HIST1H3C; H3FC; HIST1H3D; H3FB; HIST1H3E; H3FD; HIST1H3F; H3FI; HIST1H3G; H3FH; HIST1H3H; H3FK; HIST1H3I; H3FF; HIST1H3J; H3FJ; Histone H3.1; Histone H3/a; Histone H3/b; Histone H3/c; Histone H3/d; Histone H3/f; Histone H3
Storage and stability Product should be stored at 4°C. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for at least one year. The exact expiry date is indicated on the label.
Precautions For research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and federal rules in the use of this product. Hycult Biotech is not responsible for any patent infringements that might result from the use or derivation of this product.
Disease Infectious diseases
  • Application:
    IF, IP, W
  • Application Notes:
    W: A non-reduced and reduced sample treatment and SDS-Page was used. The band sizes are 18 and 36 kDa (single and dimer).
  • Use:
    Dilutions to be used depend on detection system applied. It is recommended that users test the reagent and determine their own optimal dilutions. The typical starting working dilution is 1:50.