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Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is involved in many human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it is assumed to be important in ageing. However, reactive oxygen species can also be beneficial, as they are used by the immune system to attack and kill pathogens. Detection or measurement of oxidation markers is helpful to assess oxidant activity and to monitor the effectiveness of the antioxidant system. Superoxides and other free radicals contribute, together with many other factors like inflammation, radiation, and carcinogen exposure, to DNA damage. Antibodies and assays for detection of DNA adducts, such as ethenoadenosine, BPDE-DNA, and 8-oxoguanine, are valuable markers for studies on DNA damage. Nitrotyrosine has been identified as a marker of inflammation and production of NO. Various pathways including the formation of peroxynitrite lead to nitrotyrosine production. Since nitrotyrosine is a stable end product of peroxynitrite oxidation, assessment of its plasma concentration is a useful marker of NO-dependent damage in vivo, taking into account that most proteins have a longer half life in the circulation than nitrite/nitrate (NOX). Nitrotyrosine has been detected by immunohistology in various inflammatory processes, including atherosclerotic plaques, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic renal failure and septic shock.
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Product description Price Quantity Applications Catalog #  
Arginase I, Human, mAb D1.2
100 µg FC IA W HM2324

Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11, immuno assay antibody
0.5 mg F IA P W HM5001-IA

Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11
100 µg F IA P W HM5001

MPO, Rat, mAb 2D4, immuno assay antibody
0.5 mg FC IA HM3030-IA

MPO, Rat, mAb 2D4, FITC
100 µg FC IA HM3030F

MPO, Rat, mAb 2D4, biotinylated
50 µg FC IA HM3030BT

MPO, Rat, mAb 2D4
100 µg FC IA HM3030

Caveolin-1, Rat, mAb 7C8
100 µg IF IP W HM3014

MPO, Human, mAb 266-6K1, immuno assay antibody
0.5 mg IA W HM2164-IA

MPO, Human, mAb 266-6K1, biotinylated
50 µg IA W HM2164BT

MPO, Human, mAb 266-6K1
100 µg IA W HM2164

Nitrotyrosine, mAb HM.11, biotinylated
50 µg F IA P W HM5002

Ethenoadenosine, mAb 1G4
100 µg F FC IA IP W HM5005

BPDE-DNA, mAb 5D11
100 µg FC IA IF IP P HM5007

MGO, Competitive ELISA kit
1 x 96 det. HIT503

Nitrotyrosine, Competitive ELISA kit
1 x 96 det. HIT501

MPO, Rat, mAb B7
100 µg F FC IA W HM3039

MPO, Human, mAb B7
100 µg F FC IA W HM2288

MPO, Mouse, mAb B7
100 µg F FC IA W HM1135

MPO, Human, pAb
100 µg F IA P HP9048

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Abbreviation legend
  • F Frozen sections
  • IF Immuno fluorescence
  • FC Flow cytometry
  • IP Immuno precipitation
  • FS Functional studies
  • P Paraffin sections
  • IA Immuno assays
  • W Western blot
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