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Inflammation & cellular damage

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JAM-A, Mouse, mAb BV12
100 µg FC IF IP W HM1050

JAM-A, Mouse, mAb BV12, FITC
100 µg FC IF IP W HM1050F

Nectin-3, Mouse, mAb 103-A1
100 µg F FC FS IA IF IP HM1053

Nectin-3, Mouse, mAb 103-A1, FITC
100 µg F FC FS IA IF IP HM1053F

Endomucin, Mouse, mAb V.7C7.1
100 µg F FC IA IF IP P W HM1108

IFN-alpha, Mouse, mAb F18
100 µg FC FS IA W HM1001

IFN-alpha, Mouse, mAb F18, functional study antibody, low endotoxin
0.5 mg FC FS IA W HM1001-FS

MCP-1, Mouse, mAb ECE.2
100 µg F W HM1019

MCP-1, Mouse, mAb ECE.2, biotinylated
50 µg F W HM1020

LBP, Mouse, mAb M330-19
100 µg FS IA HM1026

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Abbreviation legend
  • F Frozen sections
  • IF Immuno fluorescence
  • FC Flow cytometry
  • IP Immuno precipitation
  • FS Functional studies
  • P Paraffin sections
  • IA Immuno assays
  • W Western blot
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