Rat Complement Pathways

Assays to measure the activity of the Complement Pathways in Rat!

  • Classical, Lectin and Alternative Pathway activation
  • Available as seperate kits of a combination kit with attractive pricing (cat # HIT413)!
  • Suitable for different Rat strains
  • Easy format with a postive and negative control and no standard curve
  • Result in % activity
  • CP Cat # HIT410, LP Cat # HIT411, AP Cat # HIT412

Analyses of the effect of IRI and anti-MBL treatment to complement pathway activities and increase of serum SC5b-9:

  • Pathway determinations after IRI showed gradual increase in CP activity (p<0.05), not affected by anti-MBL treatment
  • LP activities were not affected by IRI and LP activity was transiently inhibited at 1h by 75% with treatment
  • AP showed consumption at 24h post IRI (p<0.05), which was observed after anti-MBL treatment

  Rat complement

Pathway specific complement activity after renal IRI. Animals with or without anti-MBL treatment prior IRI were assessed with functional ELISAs measuring C5b-9 deposition: classical pathway (CP) with IgM plates (A-B), Lectin pathway with mannan plates (C-D) and Alternative pathway with LPS coated plates (E-F) 2-way ANOVA and bonferroni post analysis (p<0.05) was used for statistical analysis.









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