Research projects and collaborations

Active participation as SME partner in scientific projects is one of the core activities of Hycult Biotech’s R&D department. Our projects range from one-to-one collaborations to international consortia. We add value in research projects and consortia by combining strength of our scientific focus, industrial development skills as well as commercial experience.


Project Goal Product pipeline More information
HDM-FUN (H2020) Host-Directed Medicine in invasive FUNgal infections Biomarker panel assay for diagnosis of fungal infections
CORVOS (MSC-ITN) COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS Development  of antibodies and assays for measuring complement activation in infectious diseases
DISCOvERIE (H2020) Development, dIagnostic and prevention of gender-related Somatic and mental COmorbitiEs in

iRritable bowel syndrome In Europe

Biomarker panel assays for diagnosis of IBS / research tools for animal models
STRIDE-COM (LSH-TKI) Improved risk stratification prior to Kidney Transplantation by Discriminating Pathogenic from Clinically Irrelevant Donor Epitope Specific HLA antibodies in relation to complement activation Biomarker panel assay for prediction of kidney rejection  
SCIFIMED Screening of inFlammation to enable personalized Medicine Aim to develop a multiplex detection system to simultaneously quantify and analyse the functional activity of all seven FH-protein family members
NWO-NACTAR (NWO-TTW) Novel Antibacterial Compounds and Therapies Antagonizing Resistance – Boosting host immunity against Klebsiella pneumoniae

via therapeutic antibodies

Research tools / functional assays for assessing complement activation  
Dual biomarker (LSH-TKI) Towards a dual-biomarker blood test for the diagnosis of intestinal ischemia patients

Biomarker panel for investigation of gut integrity  
Immune Fitness (TKI AGRI & FOOD) Identification of markers for immune-fitness and  nutrients that are able to keep the immune system healthy during aging  Identification and validation of biomarkers for immune fitness  
ENLIGHT-TEN+ Identification of microenvironmental factors shaping the functional properties of tissue resident

T cells in autoimmune diseases

Training/workshos in assay development and exploitation of research results  
RELENT (H2020) RELapses prevENTion in chronic autoimmune disease: common mechanisms and co-morbidities PR3 (cat# HK384)

A1AT ELISA (cat# HK387)

Cathepsin G / NE-A1AT (under development)
Health-i-care (INTERREG) Innovations for safer Healthcare – To protect the public from infections and help combat antibiotic resistance. EcHECk assay for the detection of EHEC O157 infections (cat.# HK508)

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