Research projects and collaborations

When you are looking for an SME-partner in your research project, Hycult Biotech is your partner of choice. With our background and expertise we can make a contribution that adds value to your project:

  • From being a consortium leader to being the driving force in a scientific project, we have experience in fulfilling different roles in scientific projects.

  • Due to our extensive network worldwide we can play a central role in finding partners for research projects.

  • We can assist in writing proposals or setting up a consortium.

    Examples of our research activities that are supported by scientific grants:

    • Development of biomarker assays

    • Characterization of antibodies.

    • From concept to end-product.

    What Hycult Biotech stands for

    • Creating assays, antibodies and proteins since 1994.

    • Developer and producer of (IVD) kits under ISO13485 guidelines.

    • Extensive knowledge of difficult to measure proteins in complex matrices.

    • Companion diagnostics partner for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

     Hycult Biotech currently participates in the following research projects

    • OPZuid: Operationeel Programma Zuid-Nederland

      Using "OP Zuid" funding, Hycult Biotech currently investigates the possibility to develop an innovative diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Using this test allows an improved monitoring of patients and their disease activity, severity and therapy response. Better diagnosis in combination with personalized treatment will significantly improve the quality of life for these patients.

      RELENT: RELapses prevENTion in chronic autoimmune disease

      The RELENT project gives the opportunity to explore new fields of research and to deepen its insight in the fields of autoimmunity and inflammation. Hycult Biotech is moving forward in expanding its products in the area of chronic inflammatory diseases in which this topic fits well. The search for novel target proteins which are associated with RA, IBD and AASV will give the opportunity to move further into the diagnostic field.


      Hycult Biotech has successfully participated in the following research projects

      - DIREKT: Disarming the intravascular innate immune response to improve treatment modalities for chronic kidney disease

      - PREDICCt: Biomarkers for the Prediction and Early Diagnosis of Diabetes and Diabetes-related Cardiovascular Complications

      - TranSVIR: Translational Science for Vascular Inflammation and Repair

      - INTRICATE: Infectious triggers of chronic autoimmunity 

      More information about scientific grants and collaborations can be found in the following leaflet: