TLR Bulk Promotion Functional Studies

The application Functional Studies (FS) is a commonly used application for TLR antibodies.

Our antibodies:

– Have low endotoxin: < 24EU/ml

– Are developed and produced in endotoxin free facilities

– Will be delivered in PBS-only formulation

– Are available in bulk amount (mg)

– Are purified available starting from 100µg

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Cat.# Description
HM1029B TLR4/MD2, Mouse, mAb MTS510
HM1054B TLR2, Mouse, mAb T2.5
HM2064B TLR2, Human, mAb TL2.1
HM2096B TLR3, Human, mAb TLR3.7
HM2246B TLR4/MD-2, Human, mAb 7E3


Experiment: Effect of anti-TLR2 antibodies on PAM3CSK4 stimulation and of anti-TLR4/MD2 antibodies on LPS stimulation


  • Anti-TLR2 mAb T2.5 is superior in inhibiting TLR2 driven TNF production in whole blood
  • Anti-TLR2 mAb TLR2.45 seems to carry some activating activity that synergizes with TLR2 stimulation 
  • Anti-MD2 mAb 18H10 is superior in inhibiting TLR4 driven TNF production in whole blood in a concentration dependent manner
  • Anti-TLR4 antibody 3C3 inhibits TLR4 driven TNF production in whole blood, but only partial in it seems a non-competitive manner. No concentration dependence was observed for 3C3


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