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A message from our owner

Present and future

We have a great team of people, including former employees, which built the company the last 25 years. Due to our scale and scope we are to a large extent also dependent on our contacts/relationships with many scientists all over the world, at universities, pharma and biotech companies. Not to mention our distributors! This valuable network of mostly privately owned companies is of vital importance and has taken years to grow. Nowadays it is nice to see that we have a close relationship with many of them based on mutual trust. Without the commitment of our own team, these distributors and scientists we would never have come so far. Today Hycult is an established name for monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits within the Innate immunology, and in particular within the Complement field.

As a result of the steady build-up of knowledge and experience in culturing, cloning, purifying, testing, development and production (reproducibility) of monoclonal antibodies and Elisa kits, we have, with success, been focusing on contract manufacturing activities for third parties. One consequence of this activity is that we have taken over the company Biocult B.V. This company specializes in the production of monoclonal antibodies in multiple grams for third parties. A part of the team has been active in the integration of these activities in Hycult.

In the following years we will focus on expanding our complement package and increase our customer base in contract manufacturing. We shall also seek new collaborations to connect science with disease and offer innovative research solutions with our products to enable better treatment, monitoring and prevention of disease. In order to keep moving with the market, it is essential we continuously focus on market questions like automation, fast/multi-testing and alternative techniques. Selecting the right choice and investment is a key driver to our future success.

All activities are carried out in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016 that allows us to make products for diagnostic use. At the moment this is not our priority, but if the opportunity arises we will investigate the possibility and make decisions accordingly. We believe it is important to further develop our knowledge, experience and specialty within the team. This will lift the company to a higher level, enable it to lead the market, and allow us to continue to grow in the future.

Ronald de Niet
CEO & Owner, Hycult Biotechnology B.V.

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