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Halotyrosine, mAb BTK-94C


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Halotyrosine, clone BTK-94C is recommended for detection of bromotyrosine modified proteins. Halogenation is a chemical reaction that substitutes a molecule’s hydrogen atom with halogen, a nonmetal element. Fluorination, chlorination, bromination and iodination are the four types of halogenation. Halogenated organic compounds are found as natural products in many living organisms. Halotyrosine residues are the result of tyrosine modification, usually bromine or chlorine. This generally occurs as a result of immune cell actions or oxidative stress. For example, activated eosinophils release eosinophil peroxidase, which in turn produces hypobromite (HOBr). Hypobromite can then react with proteins to create bromotyrosine residues. Studies on total bromotyrosine levels have shown that these protein modifications are increased in asthmatics, but are decreased in response to anti-inflammatory drugs.

Immuno assays, Immuno fluorescence, Immuno precipitation, Western blot

Application Notes
W: A reduced sample treatment was used. The band size is approximately 33 kDa.

Dilutions to be used depend on detection system applied. It is recommended that users test the reagent and determine their own optimal dilutions. The typical starting working dilution is 1:50.

Positive Control
SK-MEL-28 cell lysate

Product type
Monoclonal antibodies
100 µg, 20 µg
0.2 ml (100 μg/ml) 0.2 μm filtered antibody solution in PBS, containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin and 0.02% sodium azide.
Bromotyrosine structural mimic conjugated to KLH
Mouse IgM
Storage and stability
Product should be stored at 4°C. Under recommended storage conditions, product is stable for at least one year. The exact expiry date is indicated on the label.
For research use only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and federal rules in the use of this product. Hycult Biotech is not responsible for any patent infringements that might result from the use or derivation of this product.
Cardiology and metabolism, Pulmonology
CoA-TDS HM4000-6000
82 kb
Safety Data Sheet

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