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Collaborate with us!

Let’s improve health is our credo. As a manufacturer and clone license owner we guarantee long term delivery of OEM products with firm quality and good batch-to-batch consistency. We are eager to think along with you and collaborate to boost your research.

In all our collaborations, we use the same products as for our in-house development and production of assays.  So we have a solid agreement on IP and cell lines.

Solid knowledge partner

Our scientific know-how of the complement system of antibodies, assays, proteins and peptides makes us a solid knowledge partner. We think along with you and are always there to help. We understand the importance of accurate quality control and the need for reliable, reproducible products. Therefore, we co-develop with leading scientist.

We want to learn and share our knowledge with you. We regularly attend conferences with our entire team. Last year we hosted our own symposium. Also check our scientific collaborations.

Our antibodies, assays, proteins or peptides in your product?

It is possible to use our antibodies, assays, proteins and peptides for your products. We think along with you and give well-grounded advice. As an independent supplier we guarantee high quality of all our products. We would like to support you with our knowledge and expertise. Yes, custom assay design is also possible. Biocult is there to help and co-develop custom products.

Good to know
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, you will receive a refund or you can exchange the product.
  • Do you have any technical questions? Our dedicated support team will provide an answer within one working day.
Curious to collaborate?

We are eager to think along with you and collaborate to boost your research. So please contact us if you have any questions about a collaboration.

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