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    • SPLUNC1, Human, mAb 5F5B12

      SPLUNC1, Human, mAb 5F5B12

      The monoclonal antibody 5F5B12 recognizes SPLUNC1 and is specific for SPLUNC1/BPIFA and can be used for ELISA, western blot and immunohistochemistry. The 25 kDa SPLUNC1/BPIFA1 protein was the first identified PLUNC protein and is secreted in human sputum and tracheobronchial secretions, as well as in saliva, nasal lavage fluid, and in specific granules of human neutrophils.
    • E-FABP, Mouse, recombinant (E.coli derived)

      E-FABP, Mouse, recombinant (E.coli derived)

      FABPs are small intracellular proteins (~ 13-14 kDa) with a high affinity for small lipophilic ligands and were named according to the tissue from which they were initially isolated (FAPB5, alias E-FABP, was originally isolated in the epidermal).
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    About Hycult Biotech

    Hycult Biotech

    About Hycult Biotech

    Since 1994, Hycult Biotech designs, develops, produces and markets antibodies, antibody based products and more specifically immunoassays for innate immunity and directly related fields, with an emphasis on complement, neutrophil proteins, TLR, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins.

    Furthermore, we have a strong interest in progressing research in the area of inflammation and cell damage caused by pathogens or oxidation factors.

    "Hycult Biotech’s mission and strategy is to advance insight in innate immunity related diseases, for the benefit of individuals and their quality of life."

    As a leader within focused fields of immunology and cell biology, we develop products for the life sciences and in accordance with our mission it is our ambition to facilitate the transition of these products from research use into diagnostic testing.

    Many of our reagents are developed in close cooperation with scientists worldwide. Hycult Biotech has built a strong network with over 40 close scientific collaborations with leading international research institutes.

    We contribute to numerous projects and as a result, can continuously offer early access to... Read more »