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Tools for complement research 

Since 1994, Hycult Biotech has focused on complement research products. Our team possesses extensive expertise in the development and production of assays, antibodies, and proteins for this field and are committed to supporting scientists worldwide in their research on human diseases.

Our complement products:

Our goal is to offer the most complete range of products that can be used for complement research. Our portfolio already consists of the following:

Complement system

The complement system is a crucial part of the immune system, consisting of
a group of proteins that work together to defend the body against infections and support immune responses. It plays a pivotal role in recognizing and eliminating pathogens, promoting inflammation, and facilitating the removal of cellular debris.

Research on the complement system is vital for several reasons. Firstly, it
helps in understanding its complex interactions with other components
of the immune system, shedding light on the mechanisms behind immune
responses. Secondly, studying the complement system aids in developing
therapeutic strategies for various immune-related disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Overall, comprehensive research on the complement system contributes
to advancing immunology, paving the way for improved treatments and
preventive measures for a wide range of health conditions.

How to analyze complement

Did you know that for accurate complement analysis, it is important that not only the correct technique is used but also that pre-analytical sample handling is performed in an appropriate manner to avoid erroneous results? Make use of our flowchart in your complement research and make sure that your complement analysis is accurate and standardized.

Our services

Our sister company Biocult provides solutions for companies with a shortage in manufacturing capacity to meet their needs for pilot production, establishing of cell banks and the manufacture of products for diagnostics as well as pre-clinical studies (using GMP guidelines). Not only for contract manufacturing, but also contract research Biocult can assist you: use our knowledge to develop your next product.

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