Bridging Human and NHP Complement Research.

At Hycult Biotech, we understand the importance of testing therapeutic agents on non-human primates (NHP) samples in order to get approval to enter clinical phases. That is why we have committed to the following initiative: Testing our existing complement ELISA assays for NHP research.

Why Non Human Primate Samples Matter

Cynomolgus macaques are more than just a model organism. They are the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of human diseases and treatments. Our focus? To provide researchers like you with the necessary tools to explore this valuable source of information.

The Challenge of NHP Biomakers

It’s a well-known hurdle: the lack of validated reagents and assays for many NHP biomarkers. But we are changing the game. Several of our complement assays, known for their efficacy in human, mouse, rat and/or swine models, are now showing promising cross-reactivity with primate biomarkers:

Complement ELISA Marker(s)
Cross reactivity NHPCat.#
Alternative Complement PathwayyesHK3012
C1s/C1-INH ComplexnoHK399
Classical Complement PathwayyesHK3010
Complement factor BnoHK367
Complement factor HnoHK342
Complement factor InoHK355
MASP1/C1-INH ComplexnoHK3001
Cross reactivity non-human primates tested on human complement ELISA

Imagine the possibilities when human assays meet primate research. With our complement ELISA kits, you are not just conducting experiments; you are leading the way in making important new discoveries in the field of NHP research.

Do not let reagent limitations hold back your research. Join all scientists who are already experiencing the benefits of our cross-reactive assays and take your NHP research to the next level.

Human Complement ELISA now for NHP.
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