We are very proud of our newly developed human classical and alternative complement pathway assays. They are produced in response to a growing demand for quantitative investigation of complement inhibitors or regulators at lower sample dilutions. This development aims to address the issue of false negative results, enabling more accurate and reliable analysis of complement pathway activity.

These assays provide a comprehensive five-point quantitative curve to assess complement activation and/or inhibition. By utilizing this curve, researchers can accurately measure and analyze the activity of the complement pathway. They serve a dual purpose by allowing the classification of therapeutic compounds that inhibit complement activation, both at early stages in the classical or alternative pathway and at later stages involving C3 or C5 levels. As an example, our inhibiting anti-C5 antibody can be evaluated using the classical pathway assay, thereby establishing its equivalency to Eculizumab or anti-C5 biosimilars. This assessment aids in determining the efficacy of potential treatments and advancing research in complement modulation.

Features activity assays:

  • Quantitative measurement of complement activation
  • Working at low serum dilutions resulting in less false negative results
  • High throughput and offers higher reproducibility in comparison to hemolytic assays
  • Assay time less than 2 hours
  • Cross reactive with cynomolgus monkey and pig

Ordering details:

  • Human Classical Complement Pathway Assay: art.no. HK3010, Available in size: 1x 96 determinations, Applications: ELISA and Functional studies
  • Human Alternative Complement Pathway Assay: art.no. HK3012, Available in size: 1x 96 determinations, Applications: ELISA and Functional studies

Make use of our calculation sheets for optimal results.

The pathway assays complete our product range from preclinical studies (mouse/rat model) to human clinical studies. And they are a great addition to our successful mouse and rat complement pathway assays as well as early human complement pathway activation assays.

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