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Tools for C3 Research

Explore our specialized array of products to fulfill various research needs in the field of C3 detection.
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Choosing your C3 antibody

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Non-Human Primate Research 

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How to analyze complement

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The Complement System

The complement system plays essential roles in both innate and adaptive immune responses, providing inflammatory and protective reactions against pathogens. Comprising a complex family of proteins and receptors found in circulation, tissues, and body fluids, it operates through three activation pathways: the classical pathway, initiated by immune complexes; the lectin pathway, activated by surface-bound lectins; and the alternative complement pathway, triggered on surfaces lacking specific protection.

The Alternative Pathway activation involves spontaneous C3 hydrolysis, binding to fB, forming C3(H2O)Bb convertase, which can be stabilized by properdin. Regulation comes from proteins like fH and fI. All pathways produce a C3 convertase, cleaving C3 into the major fragment C3b. These pathways converge with C3b initiating the second convertase, the C5 convertase, cleaving C5 into C5a and C5b, amplifying complement activity and forming the cytolytic MAC.

Significance of Complement C3

The complement system, an integral element of innate immunity, is heavily dependent on the C3 activation process. The third complement component, C3, is essential for the effective operation of the classical, alternative, and lectin pathways in the immune system. Activation of C3 plays a fundamental role in immune defense mechanisms, hence understanding and detection of C3 and its fragments is vital. In the realm of immunological research, the emphasis is increasingly on C3 detection, especially examining how antibodies interact with activated C3. This focus on C3 detection is pivotal for advancing our knowledge in immunology and developing new therapeutic strategies.

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