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Complement C3, a pivotal element of the immune system, plays a crucial role in the body’s defense mechanism. It is integral in pathogen opsonization, immune cell recruitment, and activation of the membrane attack complex that neutralizes invaders. Disruptions or imbalances in complement C3 are linked to various medical conditions, including autoimmune diseases, infections, and inflammatory disorders.

Complement C3 Antibodies and Assays: Precision Tools for Your Research

Our range of complement C3 antibodies and assays is specially designed to support and advance research into this vital immune component. We understand the nuances of complement C3’s role and offer a tailored selection of products to meet diverse research requirements.

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Highly Specific and Sensitive Antibodies 
  • Our antibodies offer precise detection of complement C3 in various samples, including serum, plasma, and tissue lysates.
  • Unsure about the right antibody for your research? Utilize our comprehensive C3 antibody guide or connect with our experts for personalized assistance.
Optimized Assays

Our assays, designed to be used with our antibodies, deliver dependable and reproducible outcomes for both quantitative and qualitative analysis of complement C3 expression and activity.

Available assays: 

  • C3, Human, cat.no. HK366
  • C3a, Human, cat.no. HK354
  • C3c, Human, cat.no. HK368
  • C3d, Human, cat.no. HK3017

Commitment to Excellence in Research Support

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective complement C3 antibodies and assays. Our commitment extends beyond product quality to encompass comprehensive customer support and technical consultation. Trust us to meet and exceed your research needs in studying complement C3.

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