Clinical validation of C1-INH complex assays in: COVID-19 and MIS-C 

Hycult Biotech has developed new ELISA kits to monitor early classical pathway activation (via C1s/C1-INH complex), or early lectin pathway activation (via MASP-1/C1-INH complex). The tools are useful to investigate and unravel early complement activation in complement-mediated diseases.

C1-INH complexes and complement activation in COVID-19 and MIS-C. In two recent studies the C1-INH complex assay have been clinically validated:

  1. Distinction of early complement classical and lectin pathway activation via quantification of C1s/C1-INH and MASP-1/C1INH complexes using novel ELISAs 
  2. Evidence, detailed characterization and clinical context of complement activation in acute multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
Assay benefits:
  • Uses EDTA-plasma as input sample. No need for complement-preserved serum to assess early lectin pathway activation
  • Ready-to-use ELISA with a working time of 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • First on the market available ELISA assay to measure early classical and early lectin pathway activation

Other diseases of interest for C1-INH and its complexes:
C1-INH administration is an approved common treatment for hereditary angioedema (HAE) and in clinical trials for:

  • Prevention of rejection in kidney transplantation
  • Traumatic brain injury and acute ischemic stroke
  • Endotoxemia, sepsis, inflammation and multiple organ failure
  • Application in end stage renal disease and chronic kidney disease
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