Antibodies from 20UG to 100MG

Antibodies up to 100 mg 

Did you know that Hycult Biotech also offers bulk products? Several antibodies which are known to be interesting in larger quantities, are now available as standard catalog items. We have added them in 1, 5 and 10 mg bulk and we have added 50 and 100 mg for two of the best selling antibodies:

Is your antibody not available on our website in bulk? Most of our products can be sold in bulk (> 1 mg) if this is requested. Please do not hesitate to contact us to check the possibilities!

Antibodies in 20µg amounts

Why buy 100µg and only use part of the vial? Do you have a new application and would you like to test an antibody first? Do you only have a few experiments and simply do not need 100µg? Do you want to save money by testing a small volume first instead of a bigger amount? Or do you have any other reason not to buy 100µg or more? Hycult Biotech now offers 20µg vials for almost all (not labeled) antibodies! With this new amount we trust we can better serve scientists who for example want te start testing or are just need less amount than 100µg for an antibody. Why pay for 100µg and only use part of the vial?

For this we introduce a new amount in our product range: 20µg!

Special introduction price: 20µg vials for €99 / $125!*

* Prices are adviced end user prices. Hycult Biotech can change prices after the introduction period. Price per vial. Ask you distributor for more information or e-mail