Increased window of detection: EHEC results now possible up to two months after infection!

The EcHECk ELISA enables reliable detection of IgM antibodies against EHEC bacteria in serum up to two months after onset of infection. Detection of EHEC is currently performed by PCR or culturing and these methods are not able to identify EHEC after one week of infection. Using this ELISA kit to determine a possible EHEC infection will offer you a reliable diagnosis for a longer time frame.

Results in hours instead of days

Not only the possibility for testing after one week after infection is offered with the EcHECk ELISA, but also the opportunity to get answers in hours instead of days. With this kit you will have a serological test in an easy ELISA kit format and you will get results within 3.5 hours.

Reliable assay

To ensure optimal reliability, reproducibility and robustness of the assay, the EcHECk ELISA is thoroughly validated using both diseased and healthy samples. Validation of the assay has been done at our premises, as well as institutes specialized in EHEC infections. More information? Have a look at HK508 EcHECk