Hycult Biotech is partner in CORVOS: a unique European consortium focusing on complement

Hycult Biotech proudly announces its involvement in this new international project. CORVOS is a PhD programme focusing on COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS. European complementologists have joined forces and created a highly innovative research & training program for early stage researchers. The major aims are the discovery of therapeutic ways to support or inhibit the action of complement and to interfere with its abuse by pathogens. In addition, CORVOS sees it as its mission to train and prepare the next generation complementologists for a successful carrier in academia & industry.

Within CORVOS, Hycult Biotech is specifically involved in the following PhD projects:

Project AT-1

Generation, characterisation and commercialisation of native-restricted and neoepitope-specific monoclonal antibodies directed against the terminal complement protein C7

Project DE-1

Characterization of C5aR2 expression and function in Toxoplasma gondii infection

Project HU-1

Development of immunoassays for specific classical and lectin pathway activation markers

Want to learn more about this project? Or looking for PhD student position to advance in complement science in both academia and industry? Check the CORVOS website: https://corvos.eu/content/home/