Tools for Complement research in rodents

Summary of Kotima, J et al; Functional assessment of rat complement pathway activities and quantification of soluble C5b-9 in an experimental model of renal ischemia/reperfusion injury. J Immunol Methods 2014.

Complement activation is being monitored more in both clinical settings as experimental models. To support the research in rat, mouse (and pig) three assays for each species where developed: an assay for the Classical, Lectin and Alternative Complement pathway. The publication of Kotima, J et al describes the development of the complement assays as well as a Terminal Complement Complex (TCC, sC5b-9) ELISA for rat. With these assays complement activation was monitored in an experimental rat model of renal ischemia / reperfusion injury. Results show that there is an increase in Classical pathway activity, irrespective of treatment. An increase of sC5b-9 is shown with a maximum at 72 h post refusion. As sham operated and anti-MBL treated animals had less sC5b-9, this shows that sC5b-9 is related to IRI damage.

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