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TNF Receptor and TNF Antibodies 

TNF receptor-targeted therapies are at the forefront of treatments for oncology and autoimmune diseases, including arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Modulating TNF receptors is crucial in these treatments, using the dual approach of antagonistic and agonistic antibodies to fine-tune immune responses. No matter which disease you delve into, the antibodies you choose serve as your most crucial tool. They help you achieve clearer insights and more conclusive results.

Agonistic and Antagonistic

Hycult Biotech has made a precise selection of antibodies that target TNF receptors and TNF-alpha. These antibodies play a dual role as essential biomarkers and functional active reagents, providing crucial insights into the complex inflammatory cascade of the TNF signalling pathway. Antagonistic antibodies to TNF receptors play a key role in reducing inflammation and autoimmune responses. On the flip side, agonistic antibodies enhance the efficacy of TNF receptors. As an example, the widely used MR2-1 antibody has shown to be a valuable tool for modulation of regulatory T Cell (Treg) activity. Find the right antibody for your research in the selection below:

Antibody NameApplicationsCharacteristics/notesArticle Number
TNF-RI, Mouse, mAb HM104FC, F, IA, IPHM1009
TNF-RI, Mouse, mAb 55R-170FC, FSAntagnostic antibody useful for blocking of TNR-RI both in vitro and in vivoHM1097
TNF-RI, Mouse, pAbFC, FS, IA, IP, WBHP8002
TNF-RI, Human, mAb MR1-2FC, FSHM2005
TNF-RI, Human, mAb H398FC, F, FS, IA, IP, WBHM2020
TNF-RII, Mouse, mAb HM102FC, FSAgonisticHM1011
TNF-RII, Human, mAb MR2-1FC, FSAgonistic antibody and receptor modulating antibody, useful for cell (culture) experimentsHM2007
TNF-RII, Human, mAb 80M2FC, FSFunctions as an allosteric modulator, which stabilizes the ligand-receptor complexHM2022
TNF-RII, Mouse, pAbFC, FS, IA, IP, WBHP8003
TNF-RII, Human, pAbFC, FS, IA, IP, WBHP9003
TNF-alpha, Mouse, mAb V1qFC, FSNeutralizing antibodyHM1021
TNF-alpha, Human, mAb 4H31FC, FS, F, IA, IP, WBUseful for inhibition of the biological activity of TNF-alphaHM2009
TNF-alpha, Human, mAb 52B83FC, F, IA, WBHM2010
TNF-alpha, Human, mAb T1FC, FS, IA, WBUseful for inhibition of the biological activity of TNF-alphaHM2024
TNF-alpha, Human, mAb T3FC, FS, IA, IP, WBUseful for inhibition of the biological activity of TNF-alphaHM2026
TNF-alpha, Human, mAb 5NFS, IAUseful for inhibition of the biological activity of TNF-alphaHM2218
TNF-alpha, Mouse, pAb FC, F, FS, IA, P, WBHP8001
TNF-alpha, Human, pAbFC, FS, IA, WBHP9001
A list of available TNF related antibodies for research purposes only

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We understand the value of good antibody production. Antibodies are key in company processes and even commercial operations. The production of your antibodies should therefore be something which you should not have to worry about. Use our knowledge to develop your next product. Find out more about the services of our sister company Biocult and get customized support tailored to your needs.

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