We are happy to introduce to you our new ELISA kits developed to detect human Factor H-related proteins (FHR-2, FHR-3, FHR-4 and FHR-5). The kits were co-developed within the SciFiMed project, a European multi-disciplinary consortium that includes Hycult Biotech and Sanquin who predominantly contributed to these products. SciFiMed aims to study the FH-protein family’s role in disease.

The Factor H (FH)-protein family is a group of seven proteins that belong to a specific part of the immune system, called the complement system. Dysregulation of FH-protein family members have been linked to a wide range of diseases such as several types of infections, but also to kidney and eye diseases, thereby affecting millions of people. The role of Factor H itself is currently ongoing in clinical trials in geographic atrophy and glomerulopathy, and therefore it is highly interesting to further examine the role of the related proteins.

Features Factor H-related assays:

Our new  ELISA kits to FHR-2, FHR-3, FHR-4 and FHR-5 are highly specific, and do not cross-react with the other FH-related proteins and Factor H, as shown in the table below:

Ordering details:

  • Human FHR-2 ELISA, 1 or 2 x 96 determinations, art no. HK3004
  • Human FHR-3 ELISA, 1 or 2 x 96 determinations, art no. HK3005
  • Human FHR-4 ELISA, 1 or 2 x 96 determinations, art no. HK3006
  • Human FHR-5 ELISA, 1 or 2 x 96 determinations, art no. HK3007

Factor H related products:

  • Complement Factor H, Human, ELISA kit, 1/2 x 96 det. Art. no. HK342-01 / HK342-02
  • Alternative Complement Pathway, Human, Assay, 1 x 96 det. Art. No. HK3012
  • FHR-2, Human, mAb 2.12, 100 µg, Art.no. HM2433
  • CFHR1-2, Human, mAb JHD-7.10.1, 100 µg, Art.no. HM2301
  • FHR-3, Human, mAb 3.11, 100 µg, Art.no. HM2427
  • FHR-4, Human, mAb 4A.8, 100 µg, Art.no. HM2438
  • CFHR4, Human, pAb, 100 µg, Art.no. HP9058
  • FHR-5, Human, mAb 5.1, 100 µg, Art.no. HM2430

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