About our products

Hycult Biotech is a leading world-class manufacturer of research reagents in the field of innate immunity. Our products are co-developed with researchers around the globe. By connecting science with disease, these products offer innovative research solutions that enable better treatment, monitoring and prevention.

We focus our efforts in core areas where we believe Hycult Biotech is best positioned to offer a differentiated product portfolio. These areas include but are not limited to antimicrobial peptides, complement, acute phase proteins and microbial toxins. Hycult Biotech further has a specific interest in inflammation and cell - and tissue damage. We contribute to these areas with our extensive knowledge in the development and production of assays, antibodies and proteins.

The different product types that can be found in our product portfolio are:

- ELISA kits and assays (HK-series for ELISA kits and HIT-series for assays)

- Monoclonal antibodies (HM-series)

- Polyclonal antibodies (HP-series)

- Proteins and peptides (HC-series)

Hycult Biotech is ISO-13485 certified.